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Food Services

School Food Service Program

All school breakfast and lunch meals are free to all students again this year!  This ONLY includes entire meals.  If your student(s) request a milk or ala carte item, those items will have a charge.    Below is a link to the Free and Reduced Application. 

Even though all students are free this year, the State of VT requests that you still fill out the application for statistical purposes!

If you have  questions or concerns regarding your students food intake, please don't hesitate to contact Chef Waffarn @ 802-223-2796 ext 119 or email him




Dear Berlin Families,

Please be advised that the breakfast and lunch costs for adults have changed for the upcoming school year.



ADULT GUEST "SPECIAL LUNCH" ie:  Harvest Luncheon = $7.50

Please be sure and watch for the Free & Reduced Application to come in your summer mailing and return it to school ASAP at the beginning of the year. Even though breakfast and lunch is free for all students, the state still requests that you fill out the application for statistical purposes.




Welcome back to school!!!

My name is Jacob Waffran and I am the Food Service Director here at the Berlin Elementary School. Debra Anderson is the Assistant Food Service Agent and we are both looking forward to serving your children wonderful, nutritious meals in the new school year. We anticipate that we will participate in the Fresh Fruit and Veggie Program again this year and will be distributing healthy snacks to all students daily. We will be serving breakfast and lunch every day. Berlin Elementary School is a “Nut Aware” school. As a community, we respect all students and staff who may have dietary needs due to medical concerns. We make every effort to ensure that all individuals feel safe and accepted in all areas of the school. Some students/staff at BES have life-threatening allergies to a variety of foods including forms of nuts, not just peanuts. We request that you be aware of any products brought from home that may contain nuts and/or foods processed in a facility that produces products with nuts; reading labels is an important way to ensure the safety of our school community. BES has established a “nut free” table reserved in the cafeteria that can be safely used by ANY student to safely have a nut-free meal. Please be assured every precaution is used by the food service department to prepare meals that take all dietary restrictions and allergies into account.  Again, by reading ingredients and product labels prior to preparing meals brought to school, you will help keep our students safe. You will also receive from individual classroom teachers and the school nurse specific guidelines to follow to ensure safety in classroom. Please read and adhere to the information provided around this very important issue.

Menus—Menus will be sent home monthly and can be found on the Berlin Elementary School web page.  There are also extra lunch menus available at the front office.


The Free and Reduced application is strongly encouraged paperwork, even if you feel you may not qualify.  Please return it to school A.S.A.P.  This program is not only helpful to families in need, but also helps support our school’s food program. Any information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Should you require assistance in completing the form, please call the district office at 802-229-0553 ext. 312 for help. Please be reminded that per state regulations Free & Reduced Meals, in order to be free, need to be complete meals, consisting of ALL components.  If your child does not take a complete meal they will be charged accordingly.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in providing healthy, well balanced meals for our growing children!

Jacob Waffran, Food Service Director